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Core Programs

The Core Program begins with an overnight retreat in September. The retreat is followed by eight full-day sessions held on the second Friday of each month at various locations throughout Monroe County. Each day is packed with information and learning experiences, and each participant is expected to attend and participate in the complete experience.

Get Grounded Day

Get Grounded Day is focused on educating class participants on the overall issues facing the Greater Rochester area. Participants will be involved in a “hands-on” road rally, providing an appreciation for the cultural and economic forces that impact daily life in the neighborhoods of Rochester and Monroe County.

Who Takes Care of Whom Day

This day is focused on the human services segment of the community. Participants hear from various providers of human services and then have the opportunity to experience how the system works from a client’s perspective.

Education Day

Education day is focused on identifying and exploring the diverse challenges that face students and act as barriers to academic success and self-sufficiency. We will also look at innovations happening in education in Monroe County.

Building Common Ground Day

Building common ground day examines diversity and inclusion as part of the community dynamics. Participants are challenged to examine their own beliefs and attitudes, gaining insight into how they impact their own behaviors.

Health Care Day

This day educates class participants on the serious challenges facing the health care sector in Rochester. Panelists share views across a broad range of subjects from prescription drug costs to HMO’s to disparities in care.

Justice for All/Public Safety Day

Justice for All day offers a very unique experience whereby the participants see the justice system from multiple perspectives. Participants are offered the opportunity to ride-along with the police or sheriff departments, visit the 911 emergency center for Monroe County, and participate in a judgment shooting.

Economic Development Day

Economic Development Day is focused on the specific challenges facing the Rochester economy. Participants hear from local business owners in addition to organizations tasked with growing the local economy.

Final Program Day

Where do you go from here? How will you take all of the information and networking and use it to impact the Greater Rochester area.